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Claire Bruell Interview Ruth Greenaway

Claire Bruell Interview Ruth Greenaway


Growing up in New Zealand, Claire describes it as “my place”. Listen here to her reflections on growing up in Auckland and working for the New Zealand Jewish community.

Claire's parent’s came out from Czechoslovakia in 1939 after seeking refuge in the United Kingdom. Here she talks about what it was like to fit into a predominantly Christian school, maintaining Jewish culture and religion in family life and realising her newfound desire to learn more about her Jewish ancestors in pre-1930 Europe.  Claire is a member of the Progressive Synagogue in Auckland, and writes for the newsletter Taroua. In 1993 she established a Jewish Oral History group. Her interviews are deposited at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Alexander Turnbull Library. Claire is also a patron of the Arts, and of the Auckland Maon Trust for Jewish Youth.  

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