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The JoM NZ Collection

The JoM NZ Collection


The Jewish Online Museum collection presents diverse narratives that reflect our unique New Zealand Jewish experience shaped as they are by immigration and New Zealand's South Pacific location.

The gold-rushes of the 1860s increased Jewish population of New Zealand considerably, and with the new Jewish immigrants came objects and artefacts from their lives lived oceans away. The JoM collection is presented here as an ecclectic exhibition of images that reflect a range of items including objects made in New Zealand and those attained through travel, particularly to and from Europe.

The JoM collection documents and preserves items that currently sit in the homes of our contributors, and also has documented objects that are proudly owned by New Zealand Jewish congregations and communities. Many of these objects are still used today in Jewish homes and weekly services around the country, and remain a part of our daily life, festivals and rituals.  The collection to date includes ceremonial objects, memorabilia, photographs, Judaica, and archival documents.

In time, you will be able to browse through the collection and discover the stories that sit behind each object. If you'd like to help us grow our collection of object/images, please see our Contribute page for information on how to donate.


Freda Narev shares the contents of a family archive

Freda Narev shares the contents of a letter, one of many original archive documents that make up the Narev family collection. Photography by Stephen Robinson. © JoM


Image above header: Photograph of a Prayer book, Ivory Cover -19th Century owned by the Narev family.  Photography by Stephen Robinson © JoM

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