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Shadows of Shoah


Shadows of Shoah is a multidisciplinary exhibition created to communicate the significance and gravity of the Holocaust in a unique and artistic way. The Shadows of Shoah exhibition is largely the work of New Zealand photographer and composer Perry Trotter, with research and interviews by Sheree Trotter. The exhibited work is based on interviews of Holocaust survivors from around the world and presents selected poignant incidents from these survivors’ experiences.

The Holocaust is quickly passing from society's consciousness and many now have no knowledge at all of this most pivotal of events. For many, the Holocaust has become merely a faceless statistic or historical anomaly. In such a culture, Shadows of Shoah seeks to introduce the Holocaust via brief, artistic, emotionally powerful presentations that convey the incomprehensible human tragedy in a deeply personal way, and to connect with media savvy young people in particular.  

Shadows of Shoah exists in various forms: online at; as an iPad app; as a static photographic exhibition; and as a video presentation for public meetings. The Shadows of Shoah flagship, however, is the Shadows of Shoah Exhibition. It was officially launched in January 2013 by Rt Hon John Key, the Prime Minister of NZ at a United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day event. 
The exhibition utilizes multiple HD projectors, HD monitors, motion sensors, custom control software, control PCs, LED lighting and audio equipment, all housed in a 7.76m diameter circular enclosure. The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition has been described as unique, groundbreaking, cutting edge and beautifully produced. It has a modular design and has been designed for touring art galleries, museum, universities, community centres, synagogues and churches.
Shadows of Shoah is an ongoing work. Survivor stories will be recorded throughout the world as resources become available and for as long as survivors remain. 
Shadows of Shoah was established as a charitable trust in 2012 and is registered with the Charities Commission (CC48205). 

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